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Pregnancy test: when and how it is best to take it

[attention type=green]Modern pharmaceutical companies produce such a variety of pregnancy tests, that it is very easy to feel lost; and if you pick the wrong option or use it incorrectly, there is a possibility of an inaccurate result. What are the pregnancy tests and what can cause incorrect results? What is the most accurate pregnancy test? From what period can a test detect pregnancy? When can you take a pregnancy test after conception?[/attention]

Types and accuracy of home pregnancy tests

Cheap pregnancy tests – Tests strips/ Dip strips

Cheap pregnancy tests - Tests strips/ Dip stripsThe economical option, which is preferred in most situations, is a tests strips/ dip strips. This product is an ordinary paper (and rarely – cloth) strip, which is infused with a special reagent.

Although in most cases this test does the job, it has a number of drawbacks:

  • Urine sample must be taken in the morning and collected in a special container.
  • Strip must be submerged in the fluid exactly as long as is indicated on the manufacturer’s packaging/
  • Paper may not always absorb a sufficient amount of urine, resulting in unreliable results.

To be sure of the accuracy of results, it is desirable to repeat the test after 2 days.

Accurate pregnancy tests – Stream Test

Next category is urine stream tests. They have a very high accuracy and ease of use; plus the lack of need for fluid collection in a container. They are used during urination and can determine even the smallest amounts of HCG in the body (a hormone that is produced by the embryo shell).

The most accurate pregnancy tests – Cassette type pregnancy test

The most accurate pregnancy tests – Cassette type pregnancy testCassette type pregnancy test – highly accurate and complex in design, which helps determine the pregnancy early on.

This device has two “windows” – urine is applied onto one of them, and the second window shows the result. The main drawback – the liquid has to first be collected in a container and then suctioned out using a syringe. However, this is the best pregnancy test in the early stages.

Reusable pregnancy tests – Digital tests

The most accurate, modern and convenient home tests are electronic tests – these can detect the presence or absence of pregnancy at early stages. According to the manufacturer, the margin of error is 1%, and even if the device initially gave a negative result, it is worth it to do a second “control” test.

On which day can a test detect pregnancy

The accuracy of almost all pregnancy tests allows detect pregnancy in the very first days of hypothetical menstruation, as their sensitivity varies at intervals of 20 to 25 mME.

[attention type=yellow]Exceptions are Cassette type pregnancy tests (10 to 25 mME), and with their help you can check yourself in a few days (on average – 7) after the presumed date of conception. Despite all the assurances of manufacturers about unpretentiousness to the time of day , it is advisable to use the morning urine collection, since it is the most concentrated.[/attention]

False pregnancy test results

Can a test be false-positive or negative during pregnancy? Some of the reasons why a pregnancy test can be wrong are:

False pregnancy test results
  • Misuse of the test (each manufacturer stresses compliance with the instructions indicated on the packaging).
  • Factory defect.
  • Improper storage or transport.
  • Threat of early termination or abruption of pregnancy.
  • Abortion, miscarriage or removal of ectopic pregnancy.
  • Taking a test 1-2 months after pregnancy.
  • Hormonal failure, menopause, disorders in the reproductive system and ovarian functions.
  • Taking medications containing HCG.
  • Malignant and benign tumors promoting the production of HCG.

If in a non-pregnant woman receives a false-positive result, she should visit a gynecologist: elevated levels of HCG may be a symptom of disease in women, including oncologic diseases.

Video about pregnancy tests

We invite you to watch a video, where you will learn How do pregnancy tests work.

[attention type=yellow]Despite the simplicity of some types of pregnancy tests, the accuracy of results is about 99%, but after the discovery of a positive or negative result it is necessary to be examined by specialists. An ultrasound can show the presence of pregnancy from the first days of a menstruation delay.[/attention]

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