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The 28th week of pregnancy: what happens to the baby and mom

The 28th obstetric week completes the second trimester of pregnancy. The expectant mother gets one step closer to the long-awaited birth. In this period, a woman is still able to work, but the rapidly growing belly does not allow her to be very active.

The baby feels good – his lungs are beginning to open, the brain and internal organs are developing. If born this week, with medical assistance and the mother’s constant care he has a great chance of survival.

The size and development of the fetus in the 28th week of pregnancy

Pregnancy week 28 sizeUp through the 28th week of pregnancy a child has gained from 1 to 1.2 kg of weight, his approximate height is 34-37 cm. These numbers escalate as subcutaneous fat begins to appear

The fetus is now just like a normal baby. On the twenty-eighth week of pregnancy the following changes appear in the baby:

  • body and face are covered with a layer of protective fat;
  • nails grow;
  • long cilia grow;
  • amount of hair on the head increasing, pigmentation is actively produced and
  • hair gets its color;
  • layer of subcutaneous tissue is growing, the skin is getting smooth and more elastic.

Not only the shape of the future baby changes – all internal organs and systems continue to evolve:

  • pupillary membrane disappears, the child learns to blink;
  • all bones have been formed, but will be flexible up to a few weeks after birth;
  • baby sets his own sleeping and waking hours;
  • formation of muscle tissue begins;
  • grasping and sucking reflexes appear;
  • the cortex is covered with gyri and sulcus, its mass increases;
  • baby responds to sounds, the seeds of understanding the native language are planted.
[attention type=yellow]By the 28th week of pregnancy, some babies take the correct position in the womb – head down. If this has not occurred yet – do not worry, the baby is very active, and he changes positions several times a day until as long as there is enough space for turning.[/attention] The development of the fetus at 28 weeks' gestationIn the 28th week of pregnancy there is still plenty of room in the womb for baby to actively move, pleasing his mom with constant flutters that can now be felt by putting hands on the stomach. Facial muscles have been fully formed, and the baby can grimace and smile. His arms and legs have grown, the body became proportionate to the head, which does not seem so enormous anymore.

The sucking reflex appears and the baby’s favorite activity in this period is to suck his thumb.

Lung alveoli come into contact with blood vessels, preparing the baby for independent breathing. He is now making first attempts to breathe while swallowing amniotic fluid. Such actions lead to the fact that the mother begins to feel rhythmic pulsing in the tummy – baby hiccups.

Women pregnant with twins, can rest easy after the 28th week – premature birth is not so scary and children, born in the middle of the seventh month can be wonderfully nursed to health.

The weight of each fetus is slightly smaller than in a singleton pregnancy – up to 1000 grams, their height is to 32-35 cm. The development of twins is no different from the rest of babies, organs and systems develop and are formed by the due date.

What’s going on with a mom in the 28th week of pregnancy

Most of pregnancy has passed, 10-12 weeks are left before the start of labor. In this period the mother’s body continues to prepare for the upcoming meeting with the baby.

The abdomen, weight and breasts

 Photos of mother`s belly at 28 weeks of pregnancy

In the 28th week of pregnancy, nothing can hide the belly – it has grown enough to be noticeable. The figure of the expectant mother is rounding out every day. The actively growing belly gives a woman discomforts – the skin is stretching, and this area of the body, covered with stretch marks, starts to itch. A photo of tummies in the 28th week of pregnancy can be seen above.

From the moment of conception to the present term the expectant mother has gained about 6-9 kg in weight. Normally, a pregnant woman in the 28th week should gain up to 500 grams a week. Now the weight requires precise control. Too much gain can present a danger of late preeclampsia, unfavorable in the last months before birth.

[attention type=yellow]With a significant weight gain, a doctor may recommend revising your current diet and giving up unhealthy food.[/attention]

The breasts are full, and sometimes the secretion of a few drops of colostrum can be seen – a precursor to breast milk.

Uterus and practice contractions

Up through the 28th week of pregnancy the uterus increases significantly in size – 4 times – and rises to 80 mm above the navel and 290 mm above the pubic bone. It continues to grow with the baby growing inside.

In this period of gestation, the woman may experience irregular, intermittent uterine contractions. If they are not accompanied by pain and unusual discharge, do not worry – it’s a physiological process called practice contractions. This is how the uterus prepares for the upcoming birth.

Mom’s sensations

Future mother at 28 weeks of pregnancyThe fetus grows daily in the womb, and space for free movement is becoming scarce. In the 28th week the baby has lots of activity and the expectant mother feels constant kicks in different parts of the abdomen. In particular, frequent flutters happen when mom is at rest, or trying to sleep.

The uterus has grown and begun to press on the diaphragm, breathing is difficult, it is harder to breathe as deeply as before. Shortness of breath appears. Also, the uterus puts pressure on the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, causing heartburn, constipation, and cramps.

Because of the gained weight, the woman’s movements become slower, she feels awkward. Fatigue accumulates, and it is difficult to spend all day on your feet or working.

Pain in the 28th week of pregnancy

As the larger stomach creates an additional burden on the spine, a pregnant woman may experience persistent or recurrent back pain.

The uterus puts pressure on the sciatic nerve, and the pregnant woman may feel pain in the lower back, hips, and ankles. Leg cramps are frequent. The pain comes on without warning, and subsides just as suddenly. You need to do light exercises to avoid them, spend less time on your feet, and rest more.

Pain in the abdomen has different origins. Sharp and short-term pain can be brought on by the fetus itself, actively turning over and pushing on your ribs. It will go away as soon as the baby changes positions.

Lower abdominal pain may be due to false contractions – they do not present any danger if they go away quickly and are not accompanied by discharge.

[attention type=red]Any pain, which does not subside for a long time, especially when accompanied by vaginal discharge, requires medical intervention. If you experience such pain, contact a doctor immediately.[/attention]

Discharge in the 28th week of pregnancy

In a normally flowing pregnancy in the 28 week the nature of discharge is consistent – it is light, uniform in texture, with a slightly sour smell.

Be sure to consult your doctor if you have discharge that is:

  • green or yellow in color, accompanied by severe burning – this is a sign of reproductive tract infections;
  • with a cottage-cheesy appearance – a sure sign of vaginal candidiasis;
  • mucous with clots or traces of pus;
  • profuse and watery – indicating amniotic fluid leakage or damage to the fetal membrane;
  • bloody – it could mean the beginning of detachment of the placenta, or premature onset of labor.

The psychological condition

With maternity leave commencing in a couple of weeks, and trying to wrap up many chores, the woman, overstrained, becomes nervous and irritable. An active baby and a constant desire to go to the bathroom do not allow her a full night’s sleep.

Hormonal changes cause unmotivated attacks of aggression, a good mood ca give way to tears in a matter of minutes. This period simply needs to be endured, trying to keep your emotional outbursts to yourself, and not attacking your loved ones.

[attention type=yellow]Try to attend a course of aromatherapy, do yoga or just try to relax and rest to relieve stress.[/attention]

Analyses, examinations and ultrasound in the 28th week of pregnancy

Photo fetal ultrasound at 28 weeks of pregnancy

In the 28th week of pregnancy a medical examination and tests are only necessary in case of complaints from the pregnant woman.

Possible deviations

  • intrauterine developmental delay of the baby;
  • preeclampsia;
  • suspicion of cessation of fetal development;
  • uterine hypertonus;
  • fetoplacental insufficiency;
  • threat of labor earlier than due date.

In the 28th week of pregnancy your doctor may prescribe cardiotocography of the fetus to exclude hypoxia.

An ultrasound in the 28th week is carried out if there is any abnormality in the development of the fetus or if a pregnant woman has not had time to do it before. On the screen, the expectant mother can watch the baby: he moves, blinks, pulls fingers into his mouth. At her request, the technician can take a photo or record the procedure to a CD.

We invite you to watch a video of a fetal ultrasound in the 27th week of pregnancy and above you can see a photo of the baby.

If mom gets sick

Colds and infections are dangerous at any term of pregnancy. The treatment of colds needs to be done by homeopathic remedies and techniques, as the use of drugs is not desirable.

If you caught a cold, begin treatment immediately:

  • drink warm tea with honey;
  • maintain the necessary level of humidity;
  • ventilate your room;
  • rinse your nose and throat with salty water.
[attention type=red]

Remember, you must not engage in self-treatment, all medical interventions should be prescribed by a doctor only after he determines the cause and severity of the disease[/attention]

Mom’s nutrition, skin care and exercises in the 28th week of pregnancy

Mom’s nutrition

Mothers nutrition at 28 weeks of pregnancy

The diet of an expectant mother should be balanced to ensure the supply of nutrients and vitamins in sufficient quantities. Fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, and dairy products should be included in the daily menu.

From the 28th week of pregnancy, weight is gained faster, so it is advisable to limit or completely avoid sweets and pastries. There is not much benefit from them, but plenty of calories.

To avoid edema, monitor the amount of consumed salt. Excess sodium retains fluid in the body, which is especially dangerous in the third trimester.

Eat foods rich in fiber. They improve the intestinal peristalsis and normalize the stool.

Exercises and physical activity

Classes at the gym after the 28th week of pregnancy become unbearable. The excess weight gain, large stomach and fatigue prevent you from fully engaging in exercises.

Light gymnastic exercises can be done at home. There are specially designed sets of exercises that help combat edemas or affect the position of the fetus in the uterus. The main thing is to make them enjoyable and do not overwork.

Care of your appearance

Rapid weight gain and growth of the uterus provoke the appearance of stretch marks on thighs, abdomen, and in the chest area. The skin begins to itch, there is a feeling of constant itching and burning. Use of cosmetic products for stretch marks can not be avoided.

There are a lot of creams, gels, ointments and oil-based remedies, that can return elasticity to your tissues. You can use them even before the appearance of stretch marks to prepare the skin. If they do not remove existing stretch marks, they will prevent new ones from forming.

[attention type=yellow]Clothes need to be chosen by size. They should be loose and without rubber bands pressing on the abdomen. Be sure to buy a nursing bra made of natural fabrics.[/attention]

Sexual activity in the 28th week

In the 28th week of pregnancy the only contraindication may be the threat of premature birth. If this has not been diagnosed and you feel good, a sexual relationship will only have a positive impact, especially on the psychological condition of the pregnant woman.

You should only choose a position that avoids external pressure to the abdomen during sex. The best poses are when Mom is on top or Dad is on his side from behind.

Delivery with your husband

Affiliate childbirth with husbandSpouses should jointly decide on delivering together. Many women feel more confident when the husband is present at birth, while others find it unacceptable.

Before birth a man should undergo specific training:

  • have chest X-rays;
  • get lab work;
  • see required doctors.

During birth, he should be in clean clothes and gown.

The emotional and moral support of the head of the family is very important. Also, physical help will not hurt. For a man, it is desirable to take training courses in order to know what kind of help his wife will need during labor.

[attention type=yellow]Joint labor will only strengthen the couple’s relationship, because they will both witness a miracle – the birth of their baby.[/attention]

Recommendations for future moms

  • monitor the baby’s movements – normally their number should be at least 10 per hour;
  • starting this week, attend prenatal clinics once every 14 days;
  • take fresh air walks before going to bed;
  • discard skin-tight clothing;
  • eat a fractional diet, consisting of products rich in proteins and vitamins;
  • start actively preparing for maternity leave.

Video about the 28th week of pregnancy

We invite you to watch the video guide of the 28th week of pregnancy, where you will learn about the development of the baby, as well as useful information on childbirth with a husband.

It’s wonderful to be a mom! It’s not difficult to remember every week of your dear baby’s development. Some pregnant women keep diaries in which they describe their feelings and changes related to the unborn child.

[attention type=yellow]And what do you remember? What interesting things happened or are happening to your body in the middle of the seventh month of pregnancy? Would you agree to a partnership birth? Share your views with us![/attention]

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