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The 27th week of pregnancy: what happens to the baby and mom

In the 27th obstetric week of gestation women tend to notice the improvement of their well-being. This is due to the fact that the hormonal system of the fetus begins to function independently.

From this period on, the baby is gaining weight and is actively lengthening in height. He can already taste, smell, touch, react to lights and sounds.

The size and development of the fetus in the 27th week of pregnancy

Pregnancy week 27 sizeBy this time the baby is like a newborn. His body is proportional, but still thin. From this week on, subcutaneous fat is just beginning to accumulate. Soon the epithelium will not look wrinkled and the skin will become smoother.

The villus hair get darker, hair follicles start to develop. The face is fully formed, and it is possible to distinguish the individual features. In this period, only the baby’s cheeks are not fully developed.

On average, in the 27th week, fetal height is about 35 cm and weight is up to 1000 g. His legs are crossed, and the hands are pressed against the chest. That, however, does not prevent him from rolling over – there is plenty of space for movement in the uterus. These exercises are becoming more tangible and visible from outside, when a little hand or heel leave a print on the belly of the pregnant woman. In this period the baby usually takes the head down position, remaining in it until the moment of birth.

Changes in the appearance of the fetus occur against the background of significant internal physiological processes. During this period:

  • the pituitary gland actively produces growth hormone – somatropin;
  • the brain is rapidly developing, and neural connections become more active;
  • the immune system is forming;
  • metabolic processes are getting better thanks to the synthesis of insulin by the pancreas and thyroid hormone production.
 The development of the fetus at 27 weeks' gestation

The lungs begin to form alveolar ducts and accumulate surfactant required for the expansion of the alveoli at the first breath after birth. And in this period a breath is accompanied by inhalation of amniotic fluid. That’s why the baby often hiccups which feels like a rhythmic stirring.

The senses are perfectly functioning. The unborn baby can already feel taste, smell, touch; he reacts to light and sounds. He is already able to open and close his eyes, and even follow a certain sleep schedule.

Your body should be treated with special attention in a pregnancy with twins. The big belly often interferes with normal blood circulation, which can disrupt the adequate nutrition and oxygen enrichment of the fetuses.

[attention type=yellow]In the case of twins, the 27th week of pregnancy often becomes the last. Multiple pregnancies end with premature births in half of all cases. For the most part, provided skilled care at this term, the babies are born almost completely adapted to life outside the womb.[/attention]

What’s going on with a mom in the 27th week of pregnancy

Photos of mothers` belly 27 weeks pregnant

The belly of the mom in the 27th week is already pretty big, and it’s more and more difficult to find a comfortable position. If you lie on your back then the fetus presses on the vena cava, which may cause dizziness. To avoid this, it is best to lie on your left side. Above, you can see photos of mothers’ tummies in the 27th week of pregnancy.

In the twenty-seventh week of pregnancy, a woman’s body is actively preparing for the upcoming birth:

  • the amount of amniotic fluid is increasing and the upper segment of the uterus reaches the chest, which is why the abdomen becomes much bigger;
  • from this week on, a woman is rapidly gaining weight, which is due to both a greater mass of amniotic fluid, and an increase in blood volume, placenta, breasts, and rapid growth of the baby;
  • in this period the pregnant woman can feel the first training contractions;
  • most women complain of pain in the back, waist, legs, tension ligaments in the sides and belly;
  • active fetal movement, strong kicks and movements in the 27th week of pregnancy can cause discomfort.

To calm the baby, you should talk to him, walk slowly, stroking the stomach. You can turn on soothing music or sing a lullaby.

Homogeneous thin, translucent, odorless vaginal discharge is considered normal in the 27th week of pregnancy. If there happen to be brown or bloody spotting – you must consult with your doctor immediately! Also, do not be surprised if you have some secretion of yellowish liquid from the breast.

[attention type=yellow]Changes occur not only in the physical but also the psychological condition. Irritability, mood swings, anxious dreams are present. If you feel antisocial, you need to share your worries with friends. It is important to learn how to switch the focus from the negative to positive thoughts, engage in pleasant things, attend cultural events, read interesting books.[/attention]

Analyses, examinations and ultrasound in the 27th week of pregnancy

Photo fetal ultrasound at 27 weeks of gestation

From now on, it is recommended to visit a doctor at least once every two weeks. A visit to the doctor includes a number of standard procedures:

  • weight, abdominal circumference measurement;
  • blood pressure measurement;
  • determination of the uterine fundus height;
  • listening to the heartbeat of the baby.

In addition, there are laboratory studies of urine and blood count. Specifically in this period it is important to determine the likelihood of developing gestational diabetes. Typically, in the 27th week an ultrasound is not required. But there are exceptional cases, when it is compulsory – when you need a doctor to see how the child develops and functions, to exclude the possibility of missed abortion or uterine tone. Such factors as the length of the body and the degree of organ development have great importance in determining possible deviations from the norm.

We invite you to watch a video of a fetal ultrasound in the 27th week of pregnancy and, above you can see a photo of the baby.

Possible abnormalities

Based on all available test results the doctor calculates the probability of a particular pathology. And if in the course of screenings, diseases are identified, timely detection greatly increase the chances of avoiding serious problems.

A premature birth may happen during this period, so if you have any strong pulling, cramping, bloody or brown discharge, leakage of amniotic fluid – urgently call an ambulance. With rapid response, the pregnancy can be saved until a safe term for the child.

[attention type=yellow]When you have fever and other symptoms not related to the pregnancy, be sure to consult a doctor. In no case do any self-treating.[/attention]

Mom’s nutrition and exercises in the 27th week of pregnancy

Mothers` nutrition on the 27 weeks' gestationThe nutrition of the future mother implies a balanced and healthy diet. For the normal development of baby the products should contain vitamins and minerals. The food should be fractional – small, frequent meals.

Common dietary recommendations are as follows:

  • on the daily menu should be products containing protein and calcium;
  • eliminate from the diet any fatty, smoked, fried, baked, sweet, salty, spicy food;
  • diet should be rich in fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • preferably for breakfast consume complex carbohydrates, such as oatmeal or buckwheat;
  • in the middle of the day, you can consume proteins;
  • dinner should be light, and before bedtime it’s helpful to drink yogurt.

Moderate exercise is designed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In this period, you can go to the swimming pool or practice yoga, do exercises on a balance ball. It relieves stress from the spine, helps get rid of the pain and readies you for delivery. More details about exercises for the third trimester.

Skin care and clothing in the27th week

Skin care at 27 weeks' gestationThe rapid growth of the abdomen can cause unexpected discomfort – irritation and itching of the skin, burning or tingling. The intensive growth of the uterus causes severe skin stretching in this area. Therefore, it is recommended regularly to lubricate the belly with special moisturizing lotion.

If itching is felt in other places, you need to consult a doctor. You might need more testing to find the cause of the unpleasant symptoms.

[attention type=yellow]The changing shape of the woman creates a need to revisit the wardrobe. It is unacceptable to use clothing that has become too small. Things should not hinder movement – the woman and baby need space and freedom.[/attention]

Sexual activity in the 27th week

Sexual relations in the 27 week of pregnancy

If the pregnancy flows normally, then there are no contraindications to having a sex life. Doctors even recommend having sex in the 27th week of pregnancy – it will strengthen family relationships, fill the body of the woman and baby with happiness hormones, contribute to a rush of blood to the pelvis and help prepare the birth canal.

Some restrictions apply to poses during sex. Women are advised not to lie on their backs. She should be on top or in a position of rear penetration.

Recommendations for the future mom

The processes that occur in a woman in the 27th week of pregnancy, suggest a particular way of life, which is not limited to visits to the doctor and the observance of a certain diet. Some of the recommendations will help to make this period of life more comfortable and safe for the health of the expectant mother and the unborn child:

  • light massage and cool water reduce swelling and leg cramps;
  • while resting on the back, raise the legs above the level of the pelvis;
  • reduce consumption of water and salt;
  • back pain will be reduced with the special girdle;
  • it’s undesirable to sit with the legs crossed – this can cause varicose veins.

Video about the 27th week of pregnancy

More useful advice on how to cope with the discomforts of pregnancy and which tests to undergo in this period can be found in this video guide. This will also remind you how to deal with colds and flu at such a late term, so that the disease and treatment do not affect the child; what to do in case of acute toothache or the occurrence of vaginal candidiasis and more.

[attention type=yellow]We invite you to share your experiences of the 27th week of pregnancy. What surprises have you encountered, what new sensations have you experienced? What you were ready for, and what came as a surprise?[/attention]

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