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The 25th week of pregnancy: what happens to the baby and mom

In the 25th obstetric week of pregnancy a woman feels an increasingly active fetus. The threat of miscarriage during this period is minimal, and in case of premature birth the chances of the child’s survival are increasing.

Periods of activity of the fetus and his sleep times are already clearly differentiated. Science has not yet determined whether babies see dreams in the womb, but they definitely experience emotions. So now is the time to start communicating with the baby: stroking the belly, gently talking to him and often calling him by his name.

The size and development of the fetus in the 25th week of pregnancy

Pregnancy week 25 sizeThe period of the most rapid growth and development of the baby is upon you. Most of his organs are fully functioning, and he himself resembles a fully-formed person.

The weight of the fetus in the twenty-fifth week of pregnancy will be about 700 grams, height – about 35 cm. Now he is taking on the position in which he will be born – head down – although prior to birth he can still change his position numerous times.

You can determine the position of the child in the 25th week of pregnancy on your own – during the child’s active period lie on your back and put your hands on your stomach – the legs of the fetus are in the most active area of movements and kicks.

The future baby continues to develop and in the 25th week he is already quite similar to a newborn baby. His skin smoothes out, brightens, becomes elastic. The volume of subcutaneous fat increases, causing the cheeks to have a round shape, and folds appear on the hands and feet.

The auricles are not yet completely formed – they are thin and soft – but judging by the condition of auricles the gestational term of the infant can be determined in case of premature birth. Because the eyes, nose and lips are already well-developed, it is possible to identify genetic traits of the baby’s face.

[attention type=yellow]Since the genitals are already sufficiently formed, on the ultrasound you can easily determine what you are having – a girl or a boy.[/attention]

The osteo-articular system in this week is actively strengthening. The function of hematopoiesis is now performed by bone marrow and no longer by the liver and spleen. Muscle mass increases significantly, the skeleton is gaining more durability. At this time unique fingerprint designs are formed on the baby’s fingers.

The baby’s lungs produce more cells responsible for the production of surfactant. Thanks to this substance the lungs are able to rebound after birth. Looking at the content of the surfactant in the amniotic fluid, doctors can determine whether the child is viable.

The development of the fetus at 25 weeks' gestationThe heartbeat of the baby can already be heard not only with a stethoscope, but just by putting your ear to the belly of a pregnant woman. The endocrine system of the future baby is continuously mproving.

The child’s eyes continue to form – he can already blink, when he hears sharp, loud sounds. Optic nerve function is sufficient enough to sense bright luminescence directed at the woman’s abdomen.

The baby’s sense of smell has sufficiently developed; he may frown, smile, and feel pain as well as respond to the mother’s health and mood.

The agility of the child increases every day – he grabs his legs with his hands, squeezes his fingers into fists, sucks thumbs and sometimes can even cover his face with his hands. According to some scientists, in this period those parts of the brain are formed that govern whether the baby will be right-handed or left-handed.

The child needs active movement in the 25th week of gestation, so he often moves and kicks, and he may be the most active at the time when the mother is sleeping. With motion – for example, if the mother is in a car or on a boat – you may notice that the baby calms down.

[attention type=yellow]A woman can often feel the baby’s hiccups this week. This is due to the fact that the baby swallows amniotic fluid which gets into his stomach and irritates the diaphragm. No need to worry about baby’s hiccups – this is normal, but you still need to inform your doctor.[/attention]

If a woman is having twins, special attention in the 25th week of gestation should be paid to proper nutrition. The twins are now actively developing and their bodies require consumption of a large amount of vital vitamins and minerals.

What’s going on with a mom in the 25th week of pregnancy

 Photos of mother`s belly 25 weeks pregnant

The child is now rapidly gaining weight, which causes the rapid growth of the abdomen. The uterus increases in size, its upper edge is higher, rising to the level of the navel. The belly is already so large that it starts to affect the posture and gait of the future mother – she is starting to waddle. Above, you can see a photo of tummies in the 25th week of pregnancy.

In the 25th week, the lower abdomen may begin to hurt (pulling sensation). Most likely that is the uterus stretching, but it is worth talking about it with your doctor, as it could also be increased uterine tone, and the risk of premature birth.

A pregnant woman should constantly monitor her weight. During this period, weekly weight gain is about 600 grams. It is advisable to weigh yourself at least once every 7-10 days, and record the result. By the 25th week, the weight of the woman should increase by 6-6.5 kg. If the scale shows more than 7 kg, there is a problem with excess weight.

Because the uterus is quite large in size, it can sometimes compress the diaphragm. This leads to a shift of the stomach, often causing heartburn and other abdominal discomforts.

Spider veins may appear on the skin of the breasts and thighs. This is a temporary phenomenon – they disappear after birth, so worrying about them is unnecessary. Also, colostrum may begin to secrete out of the breast.

[attention type=yellow]The woman in this period can be bothered by such phenomena as hemorrhoids and varicose veins. Share all of these issues with your doctor, so that she may prescribe appropriate medication.[/attention] Future mother is 25 weeks pregnantIn the evenings, a pregnant woman may experience cramping in the leg muscles. The reason for this is a lack of calcium in the body. You need to eat more foods containing this element, and prevent dehydration, so as not to disrupt the metabolic process.

The enlarged uterus displaces not only the stomach but also other organs, resulting in breathing difficulties.

Mobility worsens, it becomes difficult to bend the body, lower back pain is frequent. In this period, it is recommended to switch to light shoes without laces, ideally – with Velcro, so as not to create unnecessary extra bending.

A pregnant woman should closely monitor any vaginal discharge in the 25 week of pregnancy. They must have uniform consistency, transparent color and a slightly sour odor. If the discharge is thick, yellow or green, and it causes itching or burning – urgently seek an examination at the hospital. Most likely, it is vaginal candidiasis, which must be treated before delivery, so as not to infect the baby. When such symptoms occur, a woman can not wear synthetic underwear, and should reduce the amount of baked goods and sweets in her diet.

The 25th week pregnancy is very quiet and very unpleasant sensations in this period are rare –there is almost no risk of missed abortion or premature birth. Therefore, the mood of the woman is usually elevated. It is important to avoid stress and indulge in hours of rest.

The analyzes, tests and ultrasound examination in the 25th week of pregnancy

Photo fetal ultrasound at 25 weeks of gestation

The ultrasound is usually carried out in this term in order to reveal any pathology in the development of the baby. The growth and development of all body parts of the child must correspond to the pregnancy term. Also, in the 25th week of pregnancy doctors check the fetal position (though it will still change). The heart rate is also an important indicator. If necessary, an ECG is scheduled.

Necessary analyses this week – the f blood and urine lab work. A blood test allows you to determine whether there is a normal hemoglobin level. Looking at the consistency of urine the doctor determines the condition of the urinary system. If there is a risk of developing preeclampsia, a urine test will detect this.

You can not neglect the scheduled appointments in this term. The pregnant woman must tell her doctor about all of her feelings, pains, and any deviations from the normal condition. We invite you to watch a video of a fetal ultrasound in the 25th week of pregnancy, and see the baby’s photo above.

Possible abnormalities

In the 25th week, the following hazards may await the pregnant woman:

  • The possibility of premature birth. It’s possible to diagnose this threat based upon several grounds: discharge of brown color, sharp pain under the stomach, the uterus loses its softness and becomes hard. If even one such symptom exists, you should immediately call an ambulance. In addition, you should always monitor the leakage of amniotic fluid. If it starts to flow rapidly, it could trigger premature labor.
  • Placental insufficiency. In this period the uterus must be positioned 25 cm above the vagina. If it is below that level, it means that the placenta is developing improperly. This can lead to the child not receiving enough oxygen and nutrients, which is fraught with developmental delay. This problem may occur because of a viral illness that the pregnant woman had in the past, toxemia or a threat of miscarriage.
  • Preeclampsia. This is one of the complications of pregnancy, which presents as darkening in the eyes, increased blood pressure, nausea, dizziness, edema and the appearance of protein in the urine. If you have only edema without other accompanying symptoms, no need to worry – this is normal during pregnancy. Swelling can be reduced by frequent rest with elevated legs – prop them on the back of the bed or lay a folded blanket or a thick pillow underneath your legs.

Nutrition, skin care and exercise in the 25th week of pregnancy

Mother`s nutrition at 25 weeks' gestation

In this period, special attention should be paid to your diet. You should eat 5 or more times a day, but the portions should be small, otherwise you might “earn” your heartburn.

Nutrition should be balanced and contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals for the woman’s and the child’s bodies. Very useful are the following products: buckwheat, liver, oatmeal, bran, beef. When constipated, foods rich in fiber will help, as well as prunes, yogurt and beets.

[attention type=yellow]The consumption of smoked, fatty, spicy and fried foods, as well as baked goods and all types of sweets should be limited as they place a very large burden on the liver. But fresh juices and fruit drinks are extremely beneficial for the body – they can be consumed in unlimited quantities.[/attention]

As the fetus grows very active, he is already beginning to stretch the skin of the abdomen, which leads to such unpleasant phenomena as stretch marks. It’s exactly during this period you that should start using various creams that help to combat these effects, and gently massage the abdomen, which can improve blood circulation in the skin.

In the absence of contraindications, it’s recommended to engage in exercises up until delivery. Daily morning exercise will help to strengthen the pelvic muscles, thereby reducing the risk of complications during childbirth. You can view a set of exercises for the second trimester here.

Sexual activity in the 25th week

Sexual relations in the 25 week of pregnancyDuring this period, women often have increased libido, and overall well-being, so this period is considered the best for sex.

Intercourse in the 25th week of pregnancy can be enjoyed without reservations, if there are no contraindications to sex. The main thing is to choose the most comfortable position, which will not cause harm to the fetus.

The most recommended poses are – mom on top or daddy from behind on his side. Enjoy each other, explore new and unusual sensations, learn to treasure each other.

Recommendations for future moms

The majority of mothers in this period have a burst of energy, a constant desire to do something and to keep up with everything. Despite this activity, it is undesirable to overload yourself with unnecessary chores. Rest is a key element in the development of the child in the 25th week.

Often in this period women complain of pain in the legs, spine and lower back. To reduce the pain, it is advisable to follow some rules:

  • choose comfortable shoes;
  • do not sit for long periods on a hard surface;
  • when sitting, do not cross legs;
  • engage in gymnastics every day;
  • use compression stockings;

wear a girdle which reduces the load on the spine and supports the stomach.

It’s recommended to often walk in the fresh air so the body receives more oxygen, which is essential for the normal development of the baby.

Video about the 25th week of pregnancy

In this video you can clearly see the development of a child in the 25th week, as well as listen to the recommendations of an expert about sexual relations during this period.

[attention type=yellow]All women have their own impressions about the 25th week of pregnancy. What did you experience in this period? Share your experience in dealing with different problems. Tell us about your feelings in the comment section![/attention]

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