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The 19th week of pregnancy: what happens to the baby and mom

The 19th obstetric week of pregnancy marks the end of the fifth month. The serious part of the journey is over, but many more discoveries lie ahead for the future moms.

In the 19th week, many women feel the movement of the baby for the first time and get to know its gender. From this point on, the relationship between mother and child is particularly strong, and with each passing day the pregnancy brings more joy

The size and development of the fetus in the 19th week of pregnancy

Pregnancy week 19 sizeAt the beginning of the nineteenth week of pregnancy, the approximate weight of the fetus has increased to 200 grams, and its size is 14-15 centimeters. The emotional bond of mother and child is strengthening. The baby continues to actively develop.

It is in this week that the baby’s body acquires the proportions set out during conception. There is an increase in adipose tissue. The fetal blood vessels are less translucent, and the skin color turns from red to pink. The baby’s fingers acquire individual fingerprints.

The position of the fetus in the 19th week of pregnancy can vary: head up or head down, transverse and oblique. The child has a lot of space and he can change the position at any time, so any position is considered normal.

At this point, the heart is fully formed. The immune system continues to strengthen, the brain and nervous system continue to develop. The child already reacts to light and loud sounds. Limbs’ length allows him to lift his arms up over his head. Gradually, the child learns to consciously control the arms and legs, so, specifically in this week of pregnancy, many feel the first pushes of their child.

[attention type=yellow]If you are pregnant with twins, your growing belly in the 19th week is already beginning to cause you serious discomfort. Urinary urges are getting more frequent, sometimes painful sensations occur in the uterus. Starting with this week, moms bearing twins, are recommended to use a bandage, and they need to pay special attention to the health of their back.[/attention]

What’s going on with a mom in the 19th week of pregnancy

 Photo tummies mothers 19 week of pregnancy

The woman’s tummy becomes clearly visible. Above, you can see a photo of mothers’ tummies in the 19th week of pregnancy. The average weight gain at this time is 3 to 5 kg. Interestingly enough, out of this volume, the weight of the baby is only 200-250 grams. The remaining mass is derived from the amniotic fluid and the placenta. Also, the buttocks and breasts of a woman gain weight.

The expectant mother notices that her skin becomes more sensitive and hair – thick and shiny. From the nipples there may be colostrum excretions. In this case, it is important to use special breast pads or wipe the nipple and areola area with a soft cloth. Do not attempt to express the colostrum – this may cause uterine atony, and as a result, miscarriage. More about colostrum here

The uterus has shifted down by 1-2 centimeters below the navel and begins to put pressure on the internal organs, causing frequent heartburn and unpleasant rumbling in the stomach. There may be light pains in the navel. They are caused by the growth of the child and pass quickly.

The first stirring of a baby at the 19 week of pregnancyMany moms notice the quickening of the baby. In first pregnancies, the movement of the child will become apparent later on, so if you don’t experience gentle fluttering sensations by the 19th  week of pregnancy – do not worry.

For most women, there is a slight reduction in blood pressure and general weakness of the body.

If you notice increasing vaginal discharge in the 19th week of pregnancy, you should not worry. This is a natural physiological process, caused by the restructuring of the body. It is important to monitor the nature of the discharge: if it has a sharp odor, or a brown or green hue – see the doctor as soon as possible. Read more here

[attention type=yellow]This week of pregnancy is usually accompanied by good health and high spirits. This is due to active estrogen production. First months’ toxemia has departed and the expectant mother is full of energy. It is recommended to spend this energy on the improvement of life and the purchase of essential items for the baby. Also, psychologists recommend to spend more time with your other half.[/attention]

Analyses, examinations and ultrasound in the 19th week of pregnancy

Photos of ultrasound at the 19th week of pregnancy

During this period of pregnancy, doctors suggest that a woman to undergo a second screening for chromosomal disorders. It includes biochemical blood tests and ultrasound, on which it is already possible to see the exact sex of the baby, and to make sure that the development of the fetus is going normally. Above, you can see fetus pictures on an ultrasound in the 19th week of pregnancy.

It is also recommended to analyze the urine for protein, and to test blood sugar and hemoglobin levels. A hormonal analysis will help to identify developmental disorders and the presence of anomalies.

An ultrasound in the 19th-23rd weeks is one of the most exciting events of the entire pregnancy. Doctors recommend to do the ultrasound with the child’s father. The baby still completely fits on the screen, and the parents will be able to enjoy this view of their child. These moments will be long remembered by the happy couple. The doctor will comment on the condition of the amniotic fluid, will evaluate the motor activity of the child, and check the fetus for any pathologies.

We invite you to watch a video of an ultrasound of the 19 week of pregnancy

Possible abnormalities 

This week of pregnancy is characterized by a steady development and a lack of major hormonal changes. The probability of a missed abortion is very low, but you need to carefully monitor any signals sent by the body.

Deviations from the norm can include:

  • Specific vaginal discharge. You should be on alert if the discharge is too thick, frothy or of curdled texture, or it has bad odor and sickly color – red, green, brown, yellow, gray. This may be a sign of infection or inflammation, and requires an immediate visit to the doctor.
  • Severe cramping. Mild pain in the 19th week is natural, but if it becomes prolonged, sharp, or pulling – it means the uterus is in hypertonus. This increases the risk of miscarriage, so for your peace of mind, have an early medical examination.
[attention type=red]Do not forget that you now have a responsibility not only for your own health, but also for the life of unborn baby. If there is any doubt about the normal course of the pregnancy, do not hesitate to contact your gynecologist.[/attention]

Mom’s nutrition, skin care  and exercises in the 19th week of pregnancy

Mom`s nutrition at 19 week of pregnancy

Proper nutrition is an important prerequisite for a calm pregnancy and health of the future child. At this period there is an active formation of the teeth, so it is particularly important to include food products containing calcium in your diet. Eat more low-fat cottage cheese and natural yogurt, and for dinner – baked fish or lean meat.

If you notice that your weight exceeds the standard number, slightly modify your diet. Avoid simple carbohydrates and an abundance of fat. Eat porridge, fresh and roasted vegetables, and white meat. It is necessary to saturate your diet with fiber and fresh herbs.

Follow a hydration regimen. Doctors advise to drink about 2 liters of water a day. At the same time, limit your salt intake, because it can cause edema.

It is worthwhile to take vitamins. The list must be agreed with the doctor.

In this week you should scrupulously start taking care of your skin. Regular use of lifting and moisturizing creams, oils and lotions for the body will help to prevent stretch marks. It’s time to look for a support bra and bandage.

The pregnancy is not a reason to give up physical activity. Instead of weight training and intense cardio, which can improve the tone of the uterus, start practicing more mild types of sport. Consider  prenatal yoga and aqua aerobics classes for expectant mothers. Timely exercise will help you stay in shape and get ready for delivery.

[attention type=yellow]The increasing burden on the feet can cause varicose veins. Try to give up heels and buy compression stockings. If you have a sedentary job, be sure to do a light workout every half an hour.[/attention]

Sexual activity in the 19th week

 Sexual relations at the 19th week of pregnancyThe high production of estrogen leads to an increased libido in pregnant women. Increased sexual desire may surprise a partner. The body of pregnant  woman gets seductive in shape – buttocks get rounded and breasts get fuller. That’s why this burst of passion will be mutual.

Many men are afraid to harm the baby during intercourse. In this case, a joint appointment to the doctor will help to assure the future father that intimate contacts at this term do not present any danger to the child.

Do not miss opportunities to be alone together – these are the last weeks when you and your partner will be able to enjoy each other. Regular sex in the first two trimesters of pregnancy strengthens the emotional bond of future parents and has a positive effect on the psychological condition of the woman.

Recommendations for future moms

This is a time to slow down the rhythm of life, to give up short deadlines and working overtime. Get plenty of rest and try not to stress. Compliance with the following recommendations  will help to make the course of pregnancy easy and enjoyable:

  • Make sure to get a deep sleep. Doctors recommend sleeping on your left side. Proper rest is  possible with special pillows for pregnant women. During gestation they guarantee a comfortable sleep, and in the future they will come in handy when feeding your baby.
  • Learn breathing techniques. This will help to cope with shortness of breath, to saturate the body’s cells with oxygen and prepare for childbirth.
  • Read good books and listen to classical music. Peace of mind and good mood of the mother bodes well for the healthy development of the child.
  • Try to frequently breathe fresh air. In the 19th week, the brain and nervous system of the baby are actively forming. To avoid hypoxia, you must spend at least 30 minutes a day outdoors.
  • Do not miss the opportunity to leisurely explore literature about childbirth and newborn care. It’s time to make a list of things that you will need at the hospital and begin to gather thing for the baby.

Video about the 19th week of pregnancy

All pregnant women are surrounded by taboos and prejudices. It is said that during gestation of a baby you can not knit, hang laundry or sit on a doorstep. Superstitions about not buying baby clothes until it is born greatly complicates the life of the expectant mother. After watching this video, you not only learn what a woman feels in the 19th week of pregnancy, but also will be able to decide whether or not to trust common superstitions.

[attention type=yellow]Pregnancy is a magical time in every woman’s life. The future mother overwhelmed with emotions, which she wants to share with the whole world. Let’s discuss these wonderful months! Tell us how your pregnancy was or is going, share your experience and know-how with other readers.[/attention]

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