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The 17th week of pregnancy: what happens to the baby and mom

The 17th obstetric week of pregnancy – this is one of the first weeks of the second trimester. The baby is growing incredibly fast and by this week has already completed the development of all organs and the immune system, protecting it against infection. It is also able to coordinate its movements and to distinguish sounds.

This is the time when the parents can find out the sex of their child, and to feel its first movements in the mother’s womb.

The size and development of the fetus in the 17th week of pregnancy

In the seventeenth week of pregnancy the baby is actively developing in the womb. The baby’s weight becomes greater than the weight of the placenta and reaches on average 125-170 grams. The height has increased to 12-15 cm.

In the 17th week, substantial changes occur with the fetus:

Pregnancy week 17 size
  • The body is covered with fine fuzzy hairs (lanugo). They will disappear at birth, or a few days later.
  • Also, there is formation of subcutaneous fat, which is designed to assist in the regulation of thermal processes of the body.
  • The child begins to hear surrounding sounds – not only the sounds inside the mother’s body, but also the external sounds. From this period on, the woman can communicate with her baby. That way, he will remember her voice and will respond to it immediately after birth.
  • The movement of the arms and the head is fully coordinated. The child is able to touch his face and suck his fingers extensively.

Women, pregnant with twins already have very large stomachs in week 17, but they also have good viability. The babies are approximately 12 cm and 100 grams.

What’s going on with a mom in the 17th week of pregnancy

 Photos of mothers` bellies 17 week of pregnancy

The increased fetal growth is accompanied by mother’s good appetite, which is fraught with the danger of overeating. Approximate weight gain from the beginning of pregnancy is + 2.5-3.5 kg. In the 17th week the pregnant mother can already feel the fetal movements. The mother’s tummy has become increasingly noticeable. Above, you can see photos of the 17th week.

The mother’s wellbeing in the 17th week of pregnancy is generally very good. Some unpleasant sensations are quite likely due to late toxicities, which manifest themselves in the swelling of limbs and face. There are small pimples, so-called “Montgomery bumps” appearing on the breasts. However, do not worry – after childbirth and breastfeeding, they will disappear without a trace. Also, yellowish secretions are possible from the breasts.

By the 17th week of pregnancy, the woman may observe palpitations and sweating. There may be slight bleeding of the nose and gums. This is due to increased pressure on the small blood vessels, caused by increased blood circulation.

The expectant mother may feel stabbing pains in each side of the lower abdomen. This is due to stretching of the ligaments supporting the growing placenta. If the pain is bearable, then there is nothing to worry about. During this period, doctors recommend slow walks, and avoiding any sudden movements. Excessive activity and stress can lead to uterine hypertonicity.

Increased vaginal discharge at this stage of pregnancy is normal. Healthy women have colorless and odorless discharge. Any abnormality requires a doctor’s attention.

[attention type=yellow]The 17th week, in pregnant women, is marked by a good, cheerful mood. Often, there are dreams full of vivid and  realistic images, mainly related to labor and the baby. At this time, the woman begins to feel like a mother, which is largely due to the fact that the baby begins to move.[/attention]

Analyses, examinations and ultrasound in the 17th week of pregnancy

Photo of fetal ultrasound at the 17 week of pregnancy

One of the mandatory procedures recommended in the period from the 16th to the 18th week is the 2nd trimester’s prenatal screening for determination of, HCG and estriol levels in the blood. This diagnosis can revealed the absence of congenital malformations and chromosomal disorders in the fetus. Measurement of blood pressure and a urinalysis may be done as well.

During the 17th week the fetus begins to form the primary sexual organs. Future parents can have an ultrasound to find out the sex of the child. However, during early ultrasound screenings, a girl’s clitoris may be confused with a boy’s penis, resulting in an error in the determination of gender.

We invite you to watch a video of a fetal ultrasound in the 17th week of pregnancy and to review a baby’s photo above.

Possible abnormalities, missed abortion

 Possible problems at the 17 week of pregnancyUnfortunately, as a consequence of infectious diseases or stress, a woman may have a fading pregnancy in the 17th week. This risk is very high in the first trimester, however, even in this week it is possible to have an abortion.

Indicators of a non-developing pregnancy are: the uterus size does not match the term of pregnancy, the sound of a baby’s heart is not detected, and no baby movement during an ultrasound. Read more about this here.

At the beginning of the 2nd trimester there is very high risk of vaginal candidiasis and other fungal diseases. Women especially need to monitor their personal hygiene and take preventive measures to avoid these diseases.

Nutrition, exercise and skin care in the 17th week of pregnancy

Nutrition of a pregnant woman

Nutrition by 17 week of pregnancyIn the second trimester, a pregnant woman can have frequent heartburn and constipation. The expectant mother must adhere to a balanced diet to avoid these unpleasant phenomena.

Foods that contribute to the development of gastric acid – coffee, chocolate, acidic, fatty, smoked, spicy dishes  need to be excluded from diet. Preference should be given to porridge, soups, jelly.

The use of vitamins is very important – especially calcium and vitamin D. They strengthen bones and teeth, and reduce the risk of hypertension – characteristic of the 17th week of  gestation.

[attention type=yellow]For the prevention of constipation, nutritionists recommend that pregnant women take a short walk after a meal, to speed up the metabolic processes in the body.[/attention]

The benefits of exercise

Exercises at the 17 week of pregnancyWe should talk about the benefits of exercise during pregnancy. It’s been proven, that women who exercise during pregnancy, have easier and faster delivery.

Special exercises are designed to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, groin, and respiratory muscles. In the 17th week, women perform exercises designed for the 2nd trimester and adapted to the increased growth of the fetus.

It is also recommended to go to the swimming pool. Swimming has a beneficial effect on strengthening the muscles and helping to maintain the body in good shape.

Skin conditions

Probably every woman awaiting a baby faces deterioration of her skin condition: pigmentation, stretch marks, acne.

  • To fight pigmentation spots you should use a good sunscreen. Ideally, the unwanted phenomenon should disappear on its own after the pregnancy.
  • Maintain your skin toned, preventing the formation of stretch marks by using a contrast (hot/cold) shower, using a gentle peel (giving preference to natural compounds). After a shower, be sure to lubricate the skin with nourishing creams and oils.
  • Minimizing the risk of acne can be done by adhering to proper nutrition and using hypoallergenic detergents. Concoctions of calming herbs (such as chamomile, calendula) are beneficial as toning agents.

Sexual activity in the 17th week

 Sexual relations at the 17 week of pregnancyThe greater the duration of pregnancy, the more the parents refuse to have sex, sometimes completely eschewing it. The reason for this is considered to be a fear of harming the child. This may come as a surprise, but at this stage of pregnancy sex brings only benefits.

Smooth movements of a penis massage the internal muscles of the vagina without causing any harm to the baby, securely protected by the placenta. Also, endorphins of joy produced by the mother during lovemaking are transmitted by blood to her baby, which will only benefit.

Recommendations for future moms

  • At the beginning of the 2nd trimester pregnant women should reconsider their wardrobe. They will need to give up the things that constrict the stomach, as well as narrow-heeled shoes. Buying new clothes, a woman needs to give preference to natural “breathable” fabrics, especially when it comes to underwear.
  • Many expectant mothers are wondering in what position they need to sleep. In order to avoid insufficiency of utero-placental blood circulation, the woman should rest on her side.
  • The main advice is maintaining a healthy, balanced diet and mandatory consumption of about 2 liters of water a day (if there is no edema), as well as daily walks in the fresh air and active leisure time.
  • In the 17th week, doctors recommend women to follow all necessary checkups, spend more time outdoors and continue remaining in a good mood, because the baby feels all the changes happening to the mother.

Video about the 17th week of pregnancy

We invite you to watch a video about the 17th week pregnancy, where you will learn how the baby is developing. Also, you will also find useful information about the complete fetal chromosomal screening, performed by a medical procedure called amniocentesis – done through  a small sample  of the amniotic fluid by a needle puncture. Today, it is the most common reliable and accurate procedure in Europe, used to detect fetal abnormalities.

[attention type=yellow]Pregnancy is an exciting time in the life of every woman. And certainly every mom has something to share, based on her feelings and impressions. Tell us your stories of anticipation of your baby.[/attention]

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