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The 15th week of pregnancy: what happens to the baby and mom

The 15th obstetric week of pregnancy is the second week of the second trimester. The baby is growing before your eyes – he already resembled a little person. His development occurs during the “self-determination” period – blood type, Rh factor index and genetic features are determined, and it is already possible to try to find out the sex of the baby on an ultrasound.

This week, the first trimester’s toxemia goes away, the mother feels, as a rule, much better, full of strength and energy.

The size and development of the fetus in the 15the week of gestation

Pregnancy week 15 size

By the fifteenth week of pregnancy the baby has grown to 93-103 mm and its weight is about 70 grams; the diameter of its head is about 28 mm, tummy – 27 mm, the chest – 28 mm.

During this period of development the baby turns into an ordinary person. Visually he is like a child, who is sleeping quietly:

  • his body has stretched out;
  • arms and legs have already fully formed, and the legs have grown longer than the arms;
  • the ears have assumed their usual shape.

Small fingernails can be seen on the baby’s fingers. He has thin skin, that the mesh capillaries  can be seen through. By now, the blood in its composition is identical to adult blood.

The liver from now on functions as a digestive organ. The bones of the child are getting stronger and stronger. Hairs on the head of the baby become a little tougher, the eyelashes and eyebrows are manifesting.  Eyes are still widely spaced apart, but gradually moving to the center of the little face.

The most important process that begins in the 15th week of pregnancy is the gradual formation of the cells of the cerebral cortex. It will take the entire 4th month. Already the brain’s hemispheres are covered with gyruses and grooves, nerve cells are very actively dividing. The central nervous system is taking responsibility for the whole body.

[attention type=yellow]During this period of pregnancy the baby actively swims in the amniotic fluid, he can bend and turn. Every day, his movements become more coherent and coordinated.[/attention]

With a twin pregnancy, a mother feels very well in the 15th week. Her tummy is about the same size as other mothers’s tummies in the 17th week. Twins need much more space for their development. If the babies do not have enough space, usually the stronger one begins to consume all the minerals and substances, whereas the second baby is not as active, and abnormal development may result.

Each baby in this period weighs approximately 60 grams and its dimensions are only 10 centimeters. Babies do not feel snug in the mother’s tummy, so they try to move in every possible way, and showcase their activity.

What’s going on with a mom in the 15th week of pregnancy

Photos of mother belly at 15 weeks of pregnancy

In the 15th week, the formation of the placenta comes to an end. From this moment on, it is responsible for the communication between mother and baby. The mom has gained about 1.5 kg to 3.5 kg from the beginning of pregnancy. The stomach is noticeably rounded. Above, you can see photos of tummies in the 15th week of pregnancy.

At the beginning of the second trimester, abdominal skin may have brown pigmentation. It consists of a line, that divides the stomach exactly down the middle, and small spots on the skin. After the birth of the baby these marks will go away without a trace.

The areola increase and become a little darker – the mammary glands are prepared for future breast feeding, and many women in this period observe the discharge of first colostrum. Read more about it here…

Since the baby is growing quite rapidly, there is an increase in the amount of amniotic fluid. This leads to an increase in the size of the uterus and the weight of the muscle layer. It lifts from the pelvic area, the pressure on the rectum gradually lessens and urination is less frequent.

There is no more no long-term toxemia, mom’s wellbeing is improving, there is a surge of strength and inspiration. It’s all about the small pleasures in the 15th week of pregnancy. Besides, the mom herself is just blooming, there is a mysterious beauty to her, so she should take time to enjoy this condition.

[attention type=red]Many women in the 15th week of pregnancy experience abdominal pain. One possible reason for such pain is the constant growth of the uterus and the tension of the muscles that support it. The pain is unobtrusive, it does not cause other problems. But if the abdominal pain is cramping in nature, with bloody discharge, there may be the threat of a miscarriage. In this case, it is necessary to consult a doctor.[/attention]

Due to the pressure of the uterus there may be pain in the coccyx. It is better not to sit for a long period of time on a soft surface. To reduce the pain, the mom can help herself by standing on all fours.

If the discharge in the 15th week of pregnancy has increased and is transparent in color, this is just a result of an increased estrogen level in the blood and there is no need to worry about it.

But do not leave untreated spotting of pink, brown or cream color. If a woman finds pus in her discharge, or it is accompanied by burning, itching, fever, unusual consistency – it is necessary to urgently consult the gynecologist and take a pap smear to determine infection.

 What happens to the mother at 15 weeks of pregnancyDuring this period, many mothers are distracted and inattentive. All necessary questions and problems should be solved in the second trimester in order to relax before birth.

If a woman has no contraindications, she can continue an active life.

In anticipation of the baby, a mom experiences many touching moments. One such moment is  the movement of her tiny son or daughter. Fetal movements in the 15th week of gestation are rather weak and barely perceptible. They are very similar to a rumbling stomach. It is necessary to remember the day when the baby moved for the first time, and tell your gynecologist about it.

Analyses, examinations and ultrasound in the 15th week of pregnancy

Photo fetal ultrasound at the 15 weeks of gestation

The following standard tests are prescribed in the normal course of pregnancy during this period: blood from a finger and urine test. They allow you to keep track of how pregnancy goes, and the general condition of your organism. They reveal chronic diseases and disruptions in the functioning of vital systems.

Coagulation is a blood test for levels of platelets, which is done in the 15th-16th weeks. Its purpose is the determination of the blood clotting level. This indicator is important to check the readiness of the organism to give birth, so that the circulatory system is prepared to reduce blood loss.

The first ultrasound screening is performed in the 10-13th weeks of pregnancy. If the future mom has not yet had it done, be sure to do it in the 15th week of  gestation.

During the ultrasound, the future mom can see how active the baby is. In the course of this procedure, a specialist estimates the length of your baby, whether the bones of the nose are properly developed, check the heart rate, the width of the neck area, head width and circumference, height, thickness and condition of the placenta, how much the organs are developed, and the length of the thighs.

We invite you to watch a video of a fetal ultrasound in the 15th week of pregnancy and above you can view photos of the baby.

Possible abnormalities, missed abortion

Almost every expectant mom has a risk of carrying a baby with Down syndrome. This risk will increase in direct proportion to the age of the pregnant woman. At age 25, one in 1,300 females gives birth to such a child, at age 50, this ratio is reduced to 1 in 12. There are 3 prenatal screenings in the three trimesters of pregnancy, which should not be missed.

Possible deviations from the norm at 15 week of pregnancyThe longer the pregnancy, the more terrible it is to miscarry. During this period, a miscarriage can happen due to stress (it can be difficult to cope with), excessive agitation or hypertonus of the uterus. What may also occur is detachment of the placenta, which is always harmful and dangerous for the baby.

A missed abortion in the 15th week is a direct threat to the life of the expectant mother. A non-viable fetus can contributes to severe sepsis, if it remains in the mother’s body for a long time. It urgently needs to be removed, because otherwise the outcome may be fatal. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the symptoms that inform the woman, as to what is happening.

Symptoms of a non-viable pregnancy include: general weakness, pain in the abdomen (dull and pulling), fever (cause – inflammation), bleeding, stopped heartbeat (a gynecologist can determine this during a planned examination or ultrasound), no fetal movement.

[attention type=red]In order to avoid this, the expectant mother should take care of her health, not miss visits to the gynecologist,  take the necessary tests in a timely fashion, and take a lot of walks.[/attention]

Nutrition, skin care and exercise in the 15th week of pregnancy

Mom`s nutrition on the 15th week of pregnancyDuring this period, the appetite finally returns and the sense of taste sharpens. It would be good, if your increased appetite did not lead to excessive weight gain (it’s normal to add about 300 grams per week in the second trimester). Future mom are prohibited from all kinds of diets and fasting.

Fruits, vegetables, cottage cheese, yogurt, meat and fish need to be consumed more frequently. At least six glasses of water is the norm for each day. Mashed vegetables and fruits, light broth, seaweed, tomato juice will be beneficial as well. Since in the 15th week the baby undergoes active development of the bones, he will take calcium from the mother’s body, so she needs to compensate for this loss.

Helpful exercises are breathing exercises that should be done every day for 10 minutes. Performing these automatically will greatly facilitate the birth process.

Diaphragmatic breathing. Put the right hand’s open palm on the chest, left hand on the upper abdomen. Inhale through your nose (it is necessary to inflate the abdomen as much as possible). As you exhale, draw the belly to your back and up.

Chest breath. Put both hands on the chest below the sternum, clasp ribs with palms, fingertips on both hands need to cross without touching. Take a deep breath in the area that is under the palms of your hands. Exhale noisily by mouth.

Read more about exercise in the second trimester here…

Sexual activity in the 15th week

 Sexual relations at the 15th week of pregnancyIn the second trimester of pregnancy, which flows more comfortably than first, symptoms of early toxemia disappear, and the future mom feels more relaxed and confident.

Do not be afraid to have sex since the baby is well-protected. Only positions with deep penetration are  prohibited. The missionary position is the best approach.

This period is suitable for a variety of intimate moments, which will diversify the sex life and introduce new pleasant changes into the relations.

[attention type=red]But we should remember that sex is absolutely contraindicated in multiple pregnancies, in case of bleeding, placental anomalies, and if there is a risk of miscarriage, or other complications.[/attention]

Recommendations for future moms

In the 15th week of pregnancy, the delicate status of woman enters a new phase. The tummy  is gradually growing, the pregnancy can be seen. Here are some suggestions:

  • Sleep on your side, as this prevents the smashing of the inferior vena cava and cutting off oxygen to the fetus.
  • Eat right, get the necessary minerals and vitamins. The use of calcium is of great importance.
  • Do not to take any medicine without prescription.
  • Smoking and drinking is unacceptable (throughout the whole period of pregnancy).

Videos about the 15th week of pregnancy

We invite you to watch a video, which tells in detail about the changes that happen in the body of the future mother. It is possible to find answers to many questions related to pregnancy – what happens to the baby, how hormonal changes affect the skin, how to deal with stretch marks, superstitions about hair coloring or haircuts, and how a mother can take care of her appearance in this magic period.

Each woman is either already a mother, prepares to become one soon, or just thinks about it. But every one of these conditions is remarkable, because at the end of the road there is a charming pink-cheeked baby – a source of joy and happiness throughout the life of the mother.

[attention type=yellow]And how has your pregnancy been, dear readers? What special sensations did you feel in the 15th week? What impressions visited you, when you saw your future baby on the screen for the first time? Share your experiences![/attention]

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