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The 14th week of pregnancy: what happens to the baby and Mom

The 14th obstetric week of pregnancy begins the second trimester of pregnancy. This period can be considered the most favorable during gestation. Most of the risks are left behind. This is the time when a woman can relax and gain in strength. The belly becomes more pronounced, the uterus grows in size.

The baby can already feel the mother’s moods, and send signals in response when the mom communicates with him and strokes her belly. During this period, it’s possible to try to determine the gender of the child using an ultrasound. But the probability of error is still quite high – around 50%.

The size and development of the fetus in the 14th week of pregnancy

Pregnancy week 14 size

The length of the fetus in the 14th week has reached 8-10 cm, weight – 3-40 grams. In size it is reminiscent of a medium-sized lemon. A doctor with a stethoscope can hear the baby’s heartbeat.

Toward the 15th week the facial expressions become more pronounced, bodily movements become more active – the baby yawns, frowns, touches himself with his arms, sucks his fingers. Phases of wakefulness and sleep can already be distinguished.

During this period the child’s facial features become more clearly defined: the eyes and ears are already being formed in their places, the jawline becomes more elevated and the neck – elongated. Even the nose, cheeks and eyebrows are more clearly defined. Slight movements of the lower jaw can be detected.

Closer to the 15th week the thorax prepares to breathe. An ultrasound test already captures the movement of the diaphragm. The fetus takes about 40-70 breaths, drawing a small amount of amniotic fluid into the lungs and releasing them back.

The development of the fetus at 14 week of pregnancyNow begins the production of thyroid hormones. The pancreas produces insulin, which is needed for the metabolism and growth of the fetus. During this period, bile is already moving along the intestines. Blood has not completely formed, but it is possible to determine the baby’s blood type and Rh-factor.

In the 14th week of pregnancy, there is “peach fuzz” on the child’s body – lanugo. It serves to preserve the protective waxy secretions produced by the body. Gradually, this fuzz will be replaced with more dense hair, with which the child will be born.

Most movements made by the child before 16-17 week will be difficult to feel. The first signs of flutters are usually felt after 20 weeks.

[attention type=yellow]During this period, the ovaries in girls drop into the pelvic area, and boys have fully formed prostates. That’s why now is an opportune time to try to determine the gender of the baby.[/attention]

What’s happening with mom in the 14th week of pregnancy

Photo mothers` tummies on 14 week of pregnancy

In the period from the 14th to the 15th week there are significant changes in the body of the mother. The abdomen becomes more elevated, rounded, and increases in size. The waist gradually blends in. Colostrum may be secreted from the breasts. If this is not the first pregnancy, such changes in shape may occur earlier. In the photo above you can see the way a stomach looks in the 14th week.

Weight gain takes place. In the second trimester the expectant mother adds 300 grams each week. The woman feels constant pangs of hunger. This is due to the strong growth of the child and his need for protein. The uterus rises to the level of the navel, and increases in size up to 14 cm. The doctor monitors the mom’s condition to avoid uterine hypertonus.

Toxemia in this period, is mostly a thing of the past. It’s being replaced with lower back pain associated with weight gain and the shifting center of gravity. Sometimes spontaneous headaches take place. Dull pain in the lower abdomen may appear in the 14th weeks of gestation. This is due to stretching of the ligaments supporting the uterus.

[attention type=red]In instances of regular cramping, aching or sharp pain, you should consult a doctor. These may be symptoms of abnormalities.[/attention]

During this period moderate homogenous discharge is considered to be normal. It is light in color, with a slightly sour smell.

 What's going on with mother at the 14 week of pregnancy

In the 14th week, in the normal course of pregnancy, the woman’s psycho-emotional condition stabilizes. She has grown accustomed to her condition, has accepted the fact of pregnancy and changed her life priorities. The expectant mother becomes more relaxed, peaceful. The drowsiness and fatigue, that accompanied her in the first weeks of pregnancy, are departing.

Unpleasant physiological changes in a woman’s body can occur due to the lack of microelements and vitamins : dry and brittle hair and nails, bleeding gums, peeling skin. Therefore, it’s important at this time to replenish the body with essential substances, by taking prenatal multivitamins.

Analyses, examinations and ultrasound in the 14th week of pregnancy

 Photos of ultrasound on 14 week of pregnancy

If you have not seen a doctor, have not taken blood and urine tests, and have not had the first ultrasound screening at 11-13 weeks, you definitely must do all of this in week 14 of gestation. Above you can see ultrasound pictures of the fetus in the 14th week.

If, during the ultrasound screening in the 11-13th weeks there were observed deviations, the doctor might prescribe genetic screening (HCG) of venous blood to determine the possibility of fetal defects. The level of HCG increases up to 8-9 weeks, then decreases slightly and remains at that level throughout the second trimester. Deviations from the norm can indicate chromosomal abnormalities of the fetus. But this is not a final diagnosis additional testing is required.

Below you can watch a video of an ultrasound in the 14th week of pregnancy.

Possible abnormalities, the threat of miscarriage

At 14 weeks the risks of a missed abortion and spontaneous termination are reduced, but reasons for concern still remain. If the fetus contracts an infection, a deviation from the norm in his development, as well as miscarriage, can occur. Read more about the symptoms.

It is important for the the woman to monitor the nature of her discharge. When discharge is white or bloody, see a specialist. Pregnant women are more prone to thrush than others. Hormonal changes lead to a disruption of the vaginal flora, and the development of fungi.

 Possible deviations from the norm, the threat of miscarriage on 14 week of pregnancy

Bleeding in the 14th week may indicate the beginning of a spontaneous termination. The woman may experience cramping abdominal pain. The uterus contracts and expels the fetus. In this case, urgent medical attention is a must. Timely response may prevent the possibility of abortion.

A viral cold in this term can also cause serious complications. Especially if body temperature remains above 38 ° C for a prolonged period of time. It is important to treat the disease, stay on bed rest and avoid stress. You must not self-treat. A doctor must prescribe the appropriate drugs and procedures, taking into account the condition of the woman.

A fever in the 14th week may indicate different illnesses. In most cases, it’s caused by infections (toxoplasmosis, flu) and urinary or airway inflammations. In the second trimester, an increase in temperature can cause abnormal development of the placenta, which carries a threat of infecting the baby inside the womb. When the temperature remains high for a long time, hospitalization of the pregnant woman may be required.

There is a small risk of a missed abortion in the 14th week, and this bears a danger to the life and health of the woman. Therefore, it is important to regularly listen to the fetus’s movements, as soon as they are detectable, which is closer to the 20th week in first pregnancies.

What can cause a missed abortion in the 14th week:

  • multiple abortions before pregnancy;
  • Rhesus-conflict of mother and child;
  • Infection of the fetus;
  • Intense physical activity.

Nutrition and exercise in the 14th week of pregnancy

All pregnant women should monitor their diet during the whole period of pregnancy. In the 14th week, the baby can already distinguish flavors, so especially now you need to plan your diet carefully. A need for protein increases at this time, because the baby’s muscle tissue is actively developing. It is useful to include boiled beef in the menu.

Mom`s nutrition on the 14th week of pregnancy

There is a lack of vitamins C and A during this period. So be sure to include the following on the menu:

  • fish oil;
  • beef liver;
  • fermented dairy products;
  • vegetables (carrots, pumpkin, spinach, etc.);
  • sauerkraut;
  • rosehips.
[attention type=yellow]It is necessary to minimize the consumption of sweets and pastries. Avoid snacking, especially before going to bed. Specifically during this period it’s necessary to give up foods that can trigger allergic reactions in the baby.[/attention]

Be wary of such products as:

  • citrus and red fruits and vegetables;
  • shish kebab;
  • honey and chocolate;
  • beef broth;
  • caviar;
  • canned and smoked products.

Eating must be done in moderation, with control of the appetite. Food must be balanced, complete and highly nutritious in the 14-15th week.

In the absence of contraindications, in the 14th week a doctor may allow light physical activity. This could be yoga, swimming, gymnastics. Now you can start to prepare your ligaments and muscles for childbirth. For this purpose there is a set of exercises that you can learn with the support of an instructor. Lessons should last no more than 10 minutes with a 2 minute break. The amount of exercise depends on the physical condition of the woman.

Sexual activity in the 14th week

 Sexual relations at the 14 week of pregnancyDuring this period, when other problems (toxemia, drowsiness) are behind, many women notice an improvement in their sexual life. Sex in the fourteenth week of pregnancy is useful from a medical as well as an emotional standpoint. If there are no contraindications, physical intimacy between partners should be imperative.

Woman becomes more flexible and compliant in anticipation of motherhood. The man, realizing his responsibility as a partner, ought to behave more cautiously and carefully. During this period sex is different than before pregnancy. Partners can get to know each other better and become closer.

Recommendations for future moms

The tummy is becoming more prominent in the 14th week, and you must try not to injure it accidentally. It is important to make a rule that movements should be measured and flowing, so the belly does not “bump into” certain items (corner of the table, a door handle, etc.). When riding in a car you should always buckle up, but not too tight.

In order not to cause harm to the unborn child and yourself, you need to follow some rules:

  • eat balanced food, avoid overeating, have small meals 5-6 times a day;
  • avoid hypothermia, in order not to provoke a cold;
  • attend special courses for pregnant women, prepare for childbirth;
  • avoid heavy physical exertion and fatigue;
  • often walk in the fresh air;
  • keep calm, experience more positive emotions.

Videos about the 14th week of pregnancy

After reviewing the video, the expectant mother will get acquainted with what awaits her in the 14th week of pregnancy. The film also focuses on the subject of effects of exposure to harmful elements on fetal development. There are recommendations for pregnant women hon ow to avoid negative effects on the baby.

As you can see, the 14th week is the beginning of the most favorable period of gestation of the baby. The worst fears are over, labor-related difficulties are still far away. It’s time to enjoy your condition. Of course, there are always exceptions.

[attention type=yellow]To assist women for whom the second trimester has yet to come in coping with their experience, share your feelings and tell your love story![/attention]

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