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The 7th week of pregnancy: what happens to the baby and Mom

In the 7th obstetric week of pregnancy, a new and important stage in the development of pregnancy has begun: the embryonic period comes to the end and the fetal period begins – from now on your baby can rightfully be called a fetus.

The period is marked by serious hormonal changes in the body, and from this moment on, the woman begins to change. Some might discover new dishes and some will be attracted to the arts and travel. No matter what, surprises will be unavoidable: the woman is transforming, and there is a spark and mystery in her eyes, known only to her.

The size and development of the fetus in the 7th week of pregnancy

Pregnancy week 7 sizeBy the 7th week of pregnancy, the embryo has grown to 8 mm (although the normal range is 5-13 mm) and its weight is already 0.8 grams. Its size can be compared to a blueberry.

Its body has an arched shape, wherein the head is still significantly bigger than the body itself. However, the baby starts to resemble a human, with the characteristic features and organs. The gills have already disappeared; however, a small tail remains.

The facial features are also forming: the mouth is highlighted and nostrils become visible, jaws and ears are forming, and soon the neck will be distinguishable.

The hands are actively growing and developing and, although fingers are not yet visible, the wrists have interdigital spaces. The legs are lengthening too, and a small bump is noticeable between them, where the genitalia will soon be formed.

During this period, major organs actively begin to develop, the foundations of which were laid back in the first month of pregnancy:

  • gastric juice is released in the stomach, front and back intestines become distinguishable; the heart starts beating;
  • there is an intensive formation and development of the brain;
  • the kidneys are functional: they remove waste products from the blood;
  • the respiratory system is actively developing: the lungs, bronchi, trachea and larynx;
  • the pituitary and endocrine glands are formed – thyroid, adrenal and genital;
  • the umbilical cord is finally formed and utero-placental blood flow begins to function: from now on oxygen and other necessary substances will be supplied to the unborn child from the mother.
[attention type=yellow]Because of the constant perfecting of the nervous system, the brain is able to send signals to the muscles, and the embryo can move. For example, if a certain stimulus makes contact with the lips, the baby will turn on its axis.[/attention]

What’s happening to the Mom in the 7th week of pregnancy

Weight and growth of the Mom’s stomach

Photo of tummies by 7 weeks of pregnancy

Some expectant mothers may notice the growth of the abdomen during this period. However, it is not quite so: the fact is that the uterus is still small in size, but bloating may be experienced. This occurs due to decrease in muscle tone and peristalsis of the intestine. Above you can see photos of the stomach in the 7th obstetric week of pregnancy.

Despite the fact that, according to doctors, in the first trimester a pregnant woman should gain 300 grams each month, your weight may vary up or down. The culprits are: toxicosis, which manifests itself in some women, or an increasing appetite in others.

Most likely, the breasts have slightly increased in size. Now is the time to look for a new bra, designed for pregnant women.

Sensations and discharge in the 7th week of pregnancy

 Toxicosis by 7 weeks of pregnancyAs previously mentioned, the 7th week marks the onset of toxicosis in the majority of women, such as nausea or vomiting. Because of this, the usual diet is disturbed: periods of total lack of appetite alternate with phases of changes in taste preferences..

Weakness, apathy and lethargy mark the natural condition of women at this time. Hormones are the cause of that: they are restructuring, their interactions change, which affects the state of the pregnant woman’s health. Because of this, it’s possible to encounter mood swings. The feeling of joy may abruptly switch to a sudden attack of melancholy and sentimentality.

The expectant mother may experience more frequent urination. This is a normal process and is associated with an increase of the blood volume in the body. Some even notice a change in stool: constipation or diarrhea may be the women’s temporary companions at this stage of pregnancy.

At this point the vaginal epithelium is frequently renewed and blood flow in the pelvic area is increased. Discharge is of a yellowish tint and weak scent. All this is considered normal and is no cause for concern.

There may be discomfort in the abdomen and sides. The doctors say not to worry, since this is related to the stretching of the uterus. Also, some mothers may already produce colostrum in the breasts.

[attention type=red]

However, if you are concerned about periodic pains in the abdomen and in the lumbar region, and you notice spotting, you should immediately consult a doctor, and it is better to call an ambulance, due to a risk of miscarriage.

Also, yellow-green, brown and frothy or curdled discharge in the 7th week of pregnancy is cause for concern. If you simultaneously experience itching and irritation in the genital area, you should immediately see your doctor.[/attention]

Analyses, examinations and ultrasound in the 7th week of pregnancy

Photo fetal ultrasound at 7 weeks of pregnancy

If you have not gotten registered with an women’s clinic, then it’s time to do so in the 7th week of pregnancy. The gynecologist and a nurse will take measurements of the pelvis, height and weight, and will take a pap smear for bacteria and STDs.

You will need to undergo several tests:

  • blood type and Rh factor determination;
  • fecal and urine test;
  • general and biochemical blood tests;
  • analysis for TORCH-infection;
  • blood test for clotting;
  • blood tests for HIV-AIDS, syphilis, hepatitis.

You also need to be examined by a number of specialists:

  • therapist (with ECG);
  • dentist;
  • optometrist;
  • otolaryngologist.

If required by a doctor, the child’s father may be asked to take a blood test for the Rh factor and to do a chest X-ray. The pregnant woman in the 7th week of pregnancy may be advised to be tested for levels of HCG and progesterone, to ensure normal development and condition of the fetus.

Through the development of new diagnostic methods a safe procedure of vaginal ultrasound in early pregnancy has become available (above you can see photos of a fetal ultrasound in the 7th week of pregnancy). This helps to confirm the fact of conception and to be informed about the condition of the embryo; to determine its heartbeat and locomotor activity, and to rule out an ectopic pregnancy.

We invite you to watch a video of a fetal ultrasound in the 7th week of pregnancy.

Possible abnormalities and problems

Week 7 is a time when body systems have only started to form of and the fetus is very vulnerable. It is necessary to carefully monitor your sensations and changes in the body to timely respond to problems.

As such, here are the problems which are possible at this stage.

  • Missed abortion. This cessation of fetal development, and its death. Most often missed abortion is diagnosed during weeks 7-13, with the emergence of brown discharge. This usually occurs because of hormonal disorders of pregnancy, due to a lack of progesterone. The cause of this may also be a genetic failure, alcohol and drug use, smoking, and the use of drugs without the consent of a doctor. The risk of missed abortion increases if you are working in hazardous environments.
  • Ectopic pregnancy. In this case, the egg implants in organs other than the uterus: the fallopian tubes, ovaries and even the abdomen. To identify this condition on your own is impossible. Therefore, it’s recommended to register as early as possible in order not to miss the problem and take timely action.
  • Bloody discharge. This may be a sign of a beginning of miscarriage. Even if you’ve noticed a couple of drops of blood on your clothes, take to bed rest and call the doctor. Medicine is always evolving, and in most cases, due to a variety of available measures, it’s possible to save the pregnancy.
  • Curdled thick discharge with a greenish tint and an unpleasant odor. It’s possible that you have some type of an infection. A doctor will prescribe necessary tests and a course of treatment. It is important to seek help in a timely manner to avoid harm to the fetus.

Nutrition and exercise in the 7th week pregnancy

If until now you have not paid much attention to your diet, then now is the time to start to monitor and select the necessary nutrition for the proper development of your child.

You should follow a few guidelines.

  • The process of formation of the first teeth in the embryo requires a sufficient amount of calcium. Yogurt, cottage cheese, sesame seeds – these products should be on your table every day. However, do not overdo it, as excessive intake of micronutrients threatens premature aging of the placenta and the development of uterine hypertonus.
  • Preference should be given to healthy foods: fresh fruits and vegetables, boiled or baked meat and grains should be consumed regularly.
  • It is necessary to eliminate or at least to reduce to a minimum the use of spicy, smoked and fried foods. Also it is worth abandoning canned, allergenic products, carbonated and alcoholic beverages.
  • To minimize bouts of toxicosis, doctors recommend having a small pre-breakfast snack, before getting out of bed in the morning.
  • Do not consume a lot of sweets and bakery products: they are of no benefit to your shape or to the baby.
 Yoga at 7 weeks of pregnancyIt is recommended to perform simple physical exercises to improve your well-being and to maintain muscle tone If you have no contraindications; it is possible and even necessary to maintain the usual active lifestyle.

However, remember that at this time, the intensity should be lower, and weight lifting is ruled out.

The perfect solution is fresh air walks, morning calisthenics, and breathing exercises. In addition, water aerobics are very useful for pregnant women: they work almost all the muscle groups, and improve the mood, which is so important for a pregnant woman.

Sexual activity in the 7th week

Sexual relationships by 7 weeks of pregnancy

Some doctors recommend limiting sexual activity during the first trimester of pregnancy. But this is inaccurate. If the pregnancy is progressing normally, there is no reason to refuse sex: it is not only harmless, but also beneficial to the mother.

However, we must remember about some situations where sexual relations are indeed prohibited:

  • active risk of miscarriage;
  • a history of miscarriages;
  • multiple pregnancy;
  • infectious diseases.

Recommendations for future moms

As previously mentioned, Week 7 is an important step towards the birth of a child. You should follow all simple recommendations to prevent complications and problems, and to ensure that the pregnancy is joyous.

  • Your body is now working for two. Treat it with kindness, sleep at least 8-10 hours per day, take short hourly breaks at work.
  • Do not forget about nourishment. It must be complete and contain all the necessary substances for the body.
  • If your pregnancy falls during the cold and flu season, take steps to minimize the risk of infection. Vitamins, masks, oxolinic ointment will all go a long way toward this goal.
  • During this time it’s beneficial to talk to the baby and caress the tummy.
  • Listen to your doctor and feel free to contact for help at the slightest suspicion a problem. Self-medicating is strictly prohibited.

Video about the 7th week of pregnancy

We present a video in which you will learn about the peculiarities of pregnancy at this stage. You will see what is a fetus and how it develops. Much attention is paid to the principles of proper nutrition of the mother, and the taking of vitamins.

Despite all the difficulties and troubles of the 7th week of pregnancy, such as morning sickness, mood swings, and possible discomforts, try to enjoy your as-yet new condition.

[attention type=yellow]It would be great if you could share your experiences with others. Maybe someone will consider this information is useful, and maybe you will discover something new for yourself.[/attention]

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