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The 5th week of pregnancy: what happens to the baby and Mom

The 5th obstetric week of pregnancy has begun. At this time, you will notice that you have missed your menstrual period. Pregnancy tests provide an almost 100% guarantee that you are pregnant, because the level of HCG reaches its maximum.

You have not changed visually, however, your sensations are different. The fetus is also changing. Many bodily systems start to form this week.

The size and development of the fetus in the 5th week of pregnancy

Pregnancy week 5 size

The active development of the embryo, and further specialization of cells continues. Later, the internal organs of the baby will form from these cells.

If you compare the embryo to something to understand what it looks like, the most appropriate will be a comparison with a shrimp. Only the size of the fetus is tiny: 2-3.5 mm.

The neural tube begins forming, which is the prototype of the future central nervous system. This tube has a bulge, which will later be transformed into a complex and important organ – the brain.

With regard to the cardiac tube, it is transforming into a small heart beating with a frequency of one hundred beats per minute. The cardiovascular system is just beginning to develop, however, the heartbeat is already noticeable on ultrasound.

Lungs also continue to grow: rudiments of the main bronchi appear, and they begin to branch out into smaller ones, creating the bronchial tree.

Other organs (kidneys, adrenal glands, liver, pancreas and thyroid gland) are also just beginning their formation. But the thyroid gland is already starting to synthesize the hormone thyroglobulin.

What’s happening to the Mom in the 5th week of pregnancy

Mom`s belly at the 5th weeks of pregnancyThe tummy has not yet increased in size at this stage. If you do not tell anyone about your pregnancy, nobody would be able to guess. No changes in weight are observed, either.

Because of hormonal rearrangement, there are certain health changes. The breasts begin to grow and become more sensitive. There are headaches, increased fatigue and drowsiness, more frequent urination, decreased appetite. You may experience nausea and vomiting.

All symptoms are unique and may be so slight that many women may not even notice them.

If signs of early toxemia are disturbingly increasing, hang in there: it is temporary, until about 12 weeks. In either case, you should inform your doctor about your toxemia. Perhaps he will select a medication to relieve these sensations. Do not under any conditions self-diagnose or self-treat.

Some women report that they become particularly vulnerable during  this period, so try to be observant of your resentments toward a spouse or other loved ones.

[attention type=yellow]Some women have increasing discharge in the 5th week of pregnancy, but if it is normal in color, consistency and odor – this is completely natural. If the discharge is brown, bloody, greenish or foul smelling –see a doctor![/attention]

Analyses, examinations and ultrasound in the 5th week of pregnancy

Photo fetal ultrasound on 5 th week of pregnancyIf you have not yet seen a doctor, then it’s time to do so. Check the date of your last menstrual period before going to the antenatal appointment: it is the first thing you will be asked during the examination, in order to determine the gestational term. Ask your parents, your husband and his parents, if they have any diagnosed chronic diseases.

Women younger than 18 and older than 35 years and those, who have a history of chronic diseases, miscarriages or abortions, require intensive monitoring of their pregnancy.

In the fifth week, you may already be referred to have an ultrasound to make sure that the fertilized egg is in the uterus and there is no hypertonus. Do not worry, an ultrasound at any stage is harmless to the fetus. In addition, you will have blood drawn from a finger and a vein, as well as a urine test to monitor the levels of proteins and glucose.

Regarding the HCG – its levels in 5th week are unique. It is not advisable after volunteering for such a test to compare with the results of your friends and information on the various online forums. It is better to consult a gynecologist for interpretation.

We invite you to watch the ultrasound video of the fetus in the 5th week of pregnancy; and above you can see an ultrasound photo.

Possible abnormalities and problems

This is only the first trimester of pregnancy, rife with the risks of early miscarriages. Take care of your health, avoid getting overly cool and overheating. Do not overstress, relax more often (if possible). Refrain from sports and heavy physical exertion, preferably for the entire period of pregnancy.

Immediately consult your gynecologist if you are 5 weeks pregnant and feel constant pain in your side, a stomach ache, or your discharge becomes bloody. This is especially true for those who have had an ectopic pregnancy: there is a ten percent chance of recurrence.

Brownish or bloody discharge is often a symptom of progesterone deficiency in the 5th week of pregnancy. In that case, timely supplementation of the hormone can preserve the live fetus.

Mom’s nutrition in the 5th week of pregnancy

Mom’s nutrition and exercise in week 5Now is the time to think about nutrition. You must completely abandon any nutritional supplements, especially sugar substitutes. Less greasy, fried or sweet food and no nicotine and alcohol.

The optimal way is to graze throughout the day: try to eat more often (5-7 times a day), but the servings need to be smaller.

[attention type=yellow]Prenatal vitamins would not hurt; your gynecologist will recommend a suitable type. At a minimum, you will need folic acid: it plays a significant role in the timely closure of the neural tube.[/attention]

Sexual activity in the 5th week

Hormones are raging, and the female body is changing in unpredictable ways. Former prudes may be beside themselves with increased sexual desire, while formerly libidinous women may find their interest waning. Folklore talks about the connection between the pregnant woman’s temperament with the gender of the child: for example, if you are expecting a boy, you will become more uninhibited.

Sex in week 5

The state of your health is also different – some suffer from early toxemia and pain, some feel great. In addition, women with their first pregnancy have particular emotional concerns: they are more worried and that prevents them from relaxing even during sex.

Consider your individual feelings when deciding whether or not to have sex.

According to doctors, sex is not only not contraindicated, but even beneficial, in a normally-progressing pregnancy. Sex releases pleasure hormones into the blood stream, providing a beneficial effect on the fetus. Moms will also be pleasantly surprised by a new sensation: due to the increased blood supply to the pelvic organs during pregnancy, the sensation of orgasm becomes much more intense. A sex life during such a delicate period is prohibited only for those who face a risk of miscarriage.

Recommendations for future mommy

 Recommendations for the 5 weeks pregnancyCompletely give up bad habits: smoking, alcohol, and others. In the 5th week the fetal gonoblasts are formed, which will go on to form the eggs or the sperm.

Ask yourself the question: Do you want your grandchildren to have a predilection for tobacco and alcohol? It has long been confirmed by research that alcoholism is inherited, and smoking causes abnormalities in the structure of DNA and can lead to a number of defects in offspring.

Also, start to walk more and abstain from serious stress. Visit a doctor for a prenatal vitamin prescription, and ask him what to do to minimize the risk of abortion. We have prepared an exercise regimen for the first trimester of pregnancy, which you can review here.

Video about the 5th week of pregnancy

In this video, you will learn when and how to register a pregnancy. A specialist will answer the most frequently asked questions about early pregnancy. You will also receive a summary review of fetal development.

In short, the fifth week is a time of happy realization that you really are pregnant. In general, this period is pleasant, although in some cases it may have unpleasant symptomatology.

[attention type=yellow]What kinds of sensations did you have in the 5th week of pregnancy? Did you register during this term, and what benefits did you derive from registration? What advice can you give to those who are now five weeks pregnant? Share your story with us![/attention]

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