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The 12th week of pregnancy: what happens to the baby and Mom

The 12th obstetric week of pregnancy is the next to the last week in the first trimester; it is a very challenging time. On the first ultrasound you will most likely find out that the baby is doing fine, and even hear its heartbeat. The organism of the future mother completes its restructuring, in its innermost depths lives a little, but perfectly formed person, and Mom’s wellbeing gradually returns to normal.

The size and development of the fetus in the 12th week of pregnancy

Pregnancy week 12 sizeIn the 12th week of pregnancy, the fetal weight is about 14 grams, height is 5-7 centimeters. The baby is still very skinny, disproportionate, its head is still bigger than its body, but it is actively growing and gaining weight.

It carefully lifts its head from its chest, tries to straighten up and makes the first attempt to breathe, so far with the help of amniotic fluid.

In the 12th week of gestation, the baby definitely feels pain, and finally acquires its gender.

The placenta has formed, its thickness at this time more than 15 cm; the fetus gets all of its nutrients through the circulatory system, and he feels all the changes in the state of mother, and her emotions, through the placenta.

Formation of organs and body

The baby’s brain is already a copy of an adult’s: it consists of two hemispheres, and has the pituitary gland and cerebellum. The heart has two ventricles and two atria, it beats with an intensity of up to 160 beats per minute, processing the small body’s own blood.

 The development of the fetus at 12 weeks of pregnancy

The baby’s brain is already a copy of an adult’s: it consists of two hemispheres, and has the pituitary gland and cerebellum. The heart has two ventricles and two atria, it beats with an intensity of up to 160 beats per minute, processing the small body’s own blood.

The baby almost has real bones – the bone tissue continues to mature, develop and grow stronger, the organism enters a period of ossification.

Limbs and fingers have been formed, webbing between fingers disappears, nails are in place, and even an individual design of a future “fingerprint” begins to take shape, as well as fuzz in place of future eyelashes, eyebrows, and on the chin.

In the picture of the fetus in the 12th week of pregnancy it’s clear, that he looks like a tiny child.

The intestine has ceased to be outside of the body, it has taken its position, and now is actively working, contracting, and ready to move food.

The pituitary and thyroid glands are doing their job – hormones and iodine are produced; the kidneys work, the baby learns to urinate into the amniotic fluid. The liver begins to secrete bile – this important organ is one tenth of the body’s weight in the 12th week. The nervous system is developing, muscles strengthen, salivary glands and vocal cords gradually emerge, lips and ear lobes and shell – which continues to form.

[attention type=yellow]In the 12th week, the thymus gland, which is responsible for the production of white blood cells, is forming. It produces iodine, tyrosine, regulates metabolism, provides for growth and development of tissues.[/attention]

The behavior of the baby

The baby is pushing the walls of the uterus and actively moving. Its eyes are still closed, but are already responding to light. It feels touch. Its responds with spontaneous movements to disturbances in the uterus, the vibration of my mother’s body, her crying and coughing. The baby knows how to tumble, suck fists, make faces, and open its mouth.

The baby learns to swallow and breathe, tastes the fluid, which is constantly renewed, and even expresses its feelings about the taste. Its face is constantly changing, the facial muscles evolve; it really is a face, with a high forehead, still-closed eyelids and wide-set eyes.

What’s happening with the Mom in 12th week of pregnancy

Photos belly at 12 weeks of pregnancy

By week 12, the weight has increased from the beginning of pregnancy by 1-2 kg, the size of the stomach and breasts is significantly increased. The stomach is not big yet – it is quite comfortable – but any friction or pressure is unpleasant and even dangerous. Breast pain has almost resolved, but breasts are actively growing and preparing for lactation. There may be a yellowish discharge from the breasts – this is colostrum.

The uterus gradually rises to the diaphragm, going beyond the pelvic area. Blood circulation increases, heart rate increases. Above you can see tummies’ photos in 12th week of pregnancy.

Mom’s sensations and toxemia in the 12th week of pregnancy

The second trimester is rightly considered to be the most peaceful and happy for the mother, and it is almost around the corner. The first trimester – a miniature “era of change” – ends on a happy note. The mom gradually stops being an afraid, hesitant, and unbalanced creature, she is now accustomed to the pregnancy and is fully aware that she is a real woman, performing a great mission.

 What happens to the mother at 12 weeks

There is now energy, to think about and read the right books about pregnancy, childbirth and raising children.

There’s a new joy of waking up in the morning without nausea, dizziness or other unpleasant symptoms of toxemia. Appetite comes back, often with a vengeance. Even if early toxemia caused you to lose weight, make sure to regulate your returning appetite with the help of fresh fruits and vegetables – the body needs a fiber now more than ever.

[attention type=yellow]The baby requires an uninterrupted supply of high-quality building blocks such as calcium, phosphorus and other microelements from the mom. In connection with this, problems with teeth may be experienced, sometimes causing gums to hurt and swell. These symptoms need to be carefully discussed with a physician, so that the prescribed vitamins and mineral supplements are effective and natural, not overloading the body.[/attention]

Mom’s possible discharge in the 12th week of pregnancy

Discharge in the 12th week still continues, hormonal changes have not stopped, the immune system has been naturally lowered. An average amount of secretions, clear or milky white, with a sour odor, is considered normal.

If there is also pus or mucus, sharp, unpleasant odor, itching and burning, there may be a developing infection. Most often it is candidiasis, but also possible are chlamydia, ortrichomoniasis. All of these infections have to be treated in a timely manner, especially since, by the 12th week, the placenta already protects the baby quite reliably, and antibiotics prescribed by a doctor can be used.

But with bloody, brown, or liquid discharge, there is an urgent need to consult a doctor. Learn more about secretions during pregnancy here.

Pain and bleeding

 Pains at 12 weeks of pregnancy

Minor bleeding without pain may accompany implantation of the placenta. A small amount of bleeding is possible after an overly active sex session and even after examination by a gynecologist. These are signs of cervical erosion.

Discharge foreboding a threat of miscarriage, is also bloody, but it appears with pulling pains in the abdomen, and require immediate medical attention. More about this …

The 12th week is characterized by pain in the back and groin. Such pain may be for physiological reasons. For example, growth of the uterus, change of the center of gravity, stretching ligaments. Also, possible is hypertonus – its symptoms discussed in more detail here.

[attention type=yellow]However, you need to pay careful attention to any pain during this period. With pain in the abdomen, especially cramping in nature, immediately go to bed and call the doctor.[/attention]

Analyses, examinations and ultrasound in the 12th week of pregnancy

Photo fetal ultrasound at 12 weeks of pregnancy

Visits to the obstetrician-gynecologist during this period take place once every 3-4 weeks. If necessary, she may refer to a specialist.

In the 12th week of pregnancy, ultrasound and biochemical screening can be done.

  • an ultrasound screening explores the “collar zone” of the fetus. It helps eliminate serious disease, often not compatible with life.
  • a biochemical analysis of blood is needed in order to determine the likelihood of Down syndrome (trisomy 21) and Edwards syndrome (trisomy 18).

As a result of screening, if necessary, more detailed tests may be required for genetic counseling.

We offer you to watch a video of a fetal ultrasound in the 12th week of pregnancy and check out the photo above.

The threat of miscarriage

Sometimes, miscarriage happens in the 12th week. Spotting or cramping in the lower abdomen may be the first symptoms. In this case, you must contact your doctor or call an ambulance. If you react on time, then it is possible to save the pregnancy.

The causes of miscarriage may be:

  • infectious diseases;
  • chromosomal abnormalities of the fetus;
  • mother’s hormonal disorders and other abnormalities.

Therefore, during pregnancy, it’s necessary to carefully go through all the examinations, undergo the tests and visit the doctor in a timely fashion, in order to significantly reduce the risk of complications.

Nutrition and exercise in the 12th week of pregnancy

Pregnancy week 12 food

The expectant mother should eat regularly, in small portions, and preferably at the same time. Eat small, frequent meal – do not skip meals. Forget about fast food, pre=packaged products and dry snacks.

In the 11-12th week, the baby begins to assert its own tastes and preferences in food, and the mother may experience unusual desires. They need to be met, on time and within reasonable limits. Trust your instinct and intuition.

[attention type=yellow]The growing uterus can put pressure on the intestines, leading to constipation. Fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of fiber – apples, bananas, melons, prunes, carrots, apricots – will help to solve this problem.[/attention]

The expectant mother needs only natural products without preservatives, artificial flavors and flavor enhancers.

  • Eat avocados, lentils, pumpkin.
  • Cereal/muesli are very beneficial, they contains many essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Eat more greens and fresh vegetable salads with a natural vegetable oil dressing.
  • Do not forget about seafood – it contain a lot of iodine, essential for proper thyroid function.
  • Confectionery (sweets) should be replaced with honey, raisins, dates or dried apricots.
  • Try to eat one egg a day. Be sure to eat meat (lean and not fried).

In 12th week, it is possible and even desirable to remember about exercises for the body. Yoga or aquatics for pregnant women are most suitable. If you ran daily prior to pregnancy, you should not stop doing it. Just take a little closer look at your state of health and do not overburden yourself.

You should refrain from weight-lifting and exercises that can lead to uterine hypertonus. For home-makers, you can choose the most appropriate online exercises, that are designed specifically for the first trimester of pregnancy.

Sexual activity in the 12th week

Sexual activity at 12 weeks of pregnancyThe main contraindication for sex in the 12th week is a threat of termination of pregnancy. Your doctor may prescribe a “rest regimen” for specific indications, such as placenta previa, or a multiple pregnancy.

If these indications are not present, the natural desire to maintain close relations and good mood via sexual relations returns with the improvement of health after early toxemia. Doctors do not prohibit, and even recommend it!

Recommendations for future mom

  • At the end of the 12th week it’s worth it to report your pregnancy at work, tell friends and relatives. It’s still early to do so in the first trimester.
  • Regardless of which gynecologist you see, at a state or private clinic, make sure that you have on hand an information card, which contains the test results and data about the condition of your health.
  • If you did not have time to do it earlier, select appropriate classes or school for future moms.
  • It is now possible to wear maternity clothes. Get special underwear. Make sure that all fabrics, that you wear, are natural and soft, remember that your baby experiences the discomfort and restrictions of comfort along with you.
  • Sleep problems can arise when the stomach is significantly increased, but already the sleep is not deep, full of emotional disturbances. It is time to establish the ritual of sleep, think carefully about the location where you sleep, get extra pillows, drink milk with honey or a soothing herbal tea before bedtime. Getting enough sleep will help to strengthen the body before birth and will ensure the health of the baby.
  • From the 12th week on, try to sleep on your back or side.
  • To relieve pain and discomfort, choose a comfortable abdominal girdle, comfortable low-heeled shoes.
  • Remember, that the stress on your body, heart, lungs, kidneys, and skeletal system increases with each passing day; do not overwork, overeat, or otherwise violate your regimen.
  • Spend more time in nature, breathe fresh air, keep your posture straight when walking.

Video of the 12th week of pregnancy

We offer you to watch a video, which will tell you about what happens in the 12th week of pregnancy, how your baby grows and changes. Also, you will learn what can lead to problems and miscarriage.

There are still several months left before maternity leave and you want to do all that you can for your baby to be born healthy, smart and happy: get enough sleep, look at beautiful things, eat beneficial foods, avoid unsympathetic people, smile and do not get angry, never overwork or get upset.

[attention type=yellow]And what about work? Especially work on the computer. Sedentary. Creative. I do love my job, and do not want to reject it, even on account of a beloved baby. Share your experience, how you managed to combine work, pregnancy and family life. What moods did you have in the first trimester? What will you advise to those who are just in the first weeks of pregnancy?[/attention]

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